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Five FAQs: Grateful Patient Content

Hi and welcome!

If you’re new here, I wanted to share a little about me, and the work we do for our partners and clients at Sexton Strategy. I’m challenging myself to be brief—hopefully you can read in under three minutes!

We serve nonprofits with a focus on hospitals and healthcare. We specialize in creating and activating grateful patient content and stories for the clients we’re privileged to serve.

  • How does your “grateful patient” service work?  We work with a designated partner within your organization to learn about the mission, vision, and values of your organization. We focus on projects underway, and places where you intuitively KNOW there’s a good story, but you don’t have the content. Yet. We help you identify signals of gratitude and readiness to share. We help you connect the dots to enable us to engage with grateful patients, donors, team members to tell their story. We provide you with this rich storytelling content, and our best recommendations on strategy and opportunities to activate to drive donor stewardship, cultivation, and overall visibility on the awesome impact you have for your community. In four words: discovery, interview, storytelling, activation.

  • Do you interview people other than grateful patients? Yes! We’ve interviewed grateful family members, grateful donors (who are often, but not always, patients themselves) and grateful team members too. We frequently receive feedback that the process of telling, shaping, and hearing back their own story helped them reconnect with their passion for the mission, reenergize their passion for the organization, and bring them back to their “why.” One of the many reasons we love doing this work!

  • Why is a third-party the best person to do this work? Often, your gift officers and frontline fundraisers have their own long-term relationships with these individuals. A third party enables a level of comfort in sharing in a safe space, even a degree of anonymity, despite the stated objective of telling one’s story in a public way. Also, there is a single objective—telling the story with clarity and compassion; no underlying pressure on a gift conversation, and an unwavering respect for the longstanding relationship between the patient, donor, and/or team member with the organization. We’re here to support your process and propel it even further, always respecting the trust you’ve worked hard to build.

  • Can you share sample(s) of your past work in this space? Absolutely! We’d be happy to share testimonials, and examples of where our work has appeared publicly, for example in impact reports and press releases. As for the raw content, while we can give you a scope of what to expect from the process, our value and policy as a company is to respect confidentiality for interviews conducted with fellow clients. We’ll do the same for you!

  • What qualifies you to do this work? As Principal, I have 16+ years working with nonprofits in a range of roles: a speechwriter, a correspondence specialist, a donor stewardship report and proposal writer, a director of development, a grant writer, a planned giving specialist, and at the very beginning of my career, a script wrangler for new plays in development. As communication professionals, we know what you need to refresh your communications and drive forward your objectives with your donors; and unlike many copywriters, we only need a warm lead to begin. Imagine never having to use a stale quote or anecdote again, but operating from a place of abundance, reflecting your organization’s true impact and value…as Liz Lemon says, “I want to go to there.”

Have a question that hasn’t been answered yet? Add it below, and we’ll reply in future posts.





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