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Are you seizing the opportunity to embrace the gift of your grateful patients’ stories?

We specialize in crafting bespoke, emotionally rich content from grateful patients, tailored for nonprofit hospitals, their fundraising teams, and their six-figure+ donors.

Don't miss the chance to leverage these powerful narratives to deepen your donor connections and inspire generosity.

Activate Your Untapped Storytelling Potential

Grateful Patient Stories

Challenges Faced by Your Teams:

"They have an incredible story, but our donor relations team is fully subscribed with other projects. Where do we keep/save stories like these?"

Team Overload

"I'm not sure of this patient's capacity to give. How do we prioritize collecting stories that could enhance the giving of others, but may not result in a monetary gift?"

Capacity Concerns

sarah sexton answering a phone call

We Provide the Solution:

Enlist our team to take your Grateful Patient program to the next level!

Collaborating with your team to identify core themes and messages that align with your organization's unique voice and values.


Conducting in-depth, conversational interviews with grateful patients referred by clinicians or gift officers.

Patient Interview

Offering high-level guidance on utilizing the content across various platforms, such as annual reports, videos, or events.


Crafting authentic, engaging content, including a summary, direct quotes, and photos, faithful to the patient's narrative.


"I cry reading your email, seeing the details and time you have put into crafting the content. What you did for me contributes to my healing journey."

- Anonymous Patient

Clients especially appreciate the quotations we provide, representing a wide range of voices of patients and their families whose lives have been impacted by the organization, and specifically, by the services that philanthropy helped make possible.

Our patient stories have been featured in donor impact reports, proposals, 1:1 major donor correspondence, talking points, speeches, events, and annual reports.

Our Impact

By refreshing your content through our system, you'll build a rich repository of stories, fostering deeper connections with your donors. This bespoke stewardship and cultivation approach leads to more frequent donor conversations and shortens the path to the next gift.

Your Value

Ready to book your complimentary consultation call?

If you’re unsure of your team’s readiness to absorb/activate this volume of content, drop us an email. We’ll give you our honest recommendation.

(Because the last thing we want to do is waste your nonprofit’s limited resources. We’ve been in the trenches, and we know what it’s like to operate lean.)

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