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sarah sexton owner of sexton strategy

As a communications professional for nonprofit leaders, I'm your grateful patient content expert, your correspondence guru, and sometimes I serve as (fractional) Chief of Staff for extraordinary leaders of nonprofits.

Working with organizations that make a real difference in their local, regional, and national communities is an absolute privilege for me. From 15+ years in the nonprofit sector, I know what your team needs and I’m familiar with the challenges you face, trying to achieve outsized results with a talented, hard-working, but often under-resourced team.

Check out my full professional background on LinkedIn.

Hi! I’m Sarah, and I’m glad you found your way here.

I'm all about collaboration, respect, and making sure you have what you need to reach

your short- and long-term goals.

Bottom line?

Too many gifted, dedicated professionals leave this profession due to burnout. Let’s tackle the content piece together and get you the impact reporting you need to steward, engage, and delight your donors.

If you're on the lookout for top-notch content or nonprofit leadership support, I'm all ears.

Drop me a line below—let’s see if we're a good match!

sarah sexton using latptop computer

I've checked off more than 15 baseball parks from my bucket list, major and minor league. 


I love a good podcast, and I'm a card-carrying "Armcherry." (Check out Armchair Expert here.) 


I recently got to try a da Vinci surgery robot. I only tied some tiny rubber bands together, but it made me think differently about possibilities being unlocked for patients with new technology. Writing for healthcare nonprofits makes me increasingly optimistic for care options of the future, and excited for what’s next.


And because life isn't just about work, here are a few quirky tidbits about me that you won't stumble upon in any professional bio:

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